Egypt on the Edge: How Europe Can Avoid Another Crisis in Egypt

Source: Centre For Security Studies
Author(s): Yasser El-Shimy, Anthony Dworkin

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  • Europe’s current policy towards Egypt is dominated by immediate migration concerns and commercial opportunities. But this short-sighted approach offers few benefits and overlooks the dangers of Egypt’s current direction.
  •  The security situation in Egypt is worsening, with terrorist groups extending their reach and launching a wave of attacks against Coptic Christians. At the same time, the political crackdown has intensified, driving some young Islamists towards violence as peaceful avenues for political expression are shut down.
  •  While President Sisi has engaged in long overdue economic reforms, deeper and more structural change is needed to offer Egyptians opportunity and raise their standard of living.
  •  The EU should do away with its narrow approach of working with Egypt only on areas of mutual interest. It should also promote the rule of law, economic opportunities, more effective security, and political rights in Egypt. To do so, the EU should prioritise Egypt’s socio-economic development, refocusing the counter-terrorism debate, and limiting the worst excesses of the political crackdown.​….

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