How likely is it that the Muslim Brotherhood will abandon its official nonviolent stance?

Source: Brookings Institute
Author(s): Shadi Hamid, William McCants

Original Link:

We recently put a set of questions to ten expert contributors participating in our Rethinking Political Islam initiative. (See here for the list of scholars.)  They are among the leading scholars of Islamist movements, with each having conducted extensive fieldwork on Muslim Brotherhood and Brotherhood-inspired groups in 12 countries, including Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

The survey consisted of various questions on the future of Islamism, each of which will form the content of a blog post, released periodically over the coming months. All responses have been anonymized. After asking each question, we asked participants to explain the reasoning behind their answers.

The first question is: how likely is it that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood would abandon its official non-violent stance in the short term (2017) and the medium-term (2020)? ..

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