Egypt | Egyptian Human Rights Organizations: Together against the police campaign targeting activists through prosecution and detention

Source: Cairo Institute For Human Rights Studies
Author(s): Unknown

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The undersigned organizations express their deep condemnation of the escalating police campaign targeting dozens of activists through prosecution and detention that took place last month, the last episode of which was breaking into the house of the ex-wife of leftist journalist Ibrahim el-Sahary, which constitutes the return of the unpleasant “Dawn Visitors” phenomenon that was widespread during the reign of ousted dictator Mubarak.

This police campaign included the arrest of Sayed Mohammed al-Sayed, known as “Sayed Kabu,” and Karim Ahmed Yusuf, known as “Karim Batshan,” on charges of publishing false news in order to cast doubt on the performance of the regime and eliciting to it, cast doubt on the integrity of the judiciary, inciting citizens to demonstrate, protest and disobedience, and publishing pictures insulting the person and the position of the president, against the backdrop of posts on the social networking website Facebook….

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