Egyptian Youth: National Policies and International Initiatives

Source: Barcelona Centre For International Affairs
Author(s): Bahgat Korany, Mostafa El-Sayyad, Basma Serag

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This policy paper aims at presenting the current state of Egyptian youth by identifying the problems that the average young Egyptian faces, the policy responses at national level, and any deficiencies and recommendations that are still to be addressed. In addition, national and international initiatives targeting improvement in the current status of young people are also discussed.
The first section of the paper aims at identifying the problems faced by young people in Egypt by using the SAHWA youth survey conducted in the country. The data show the current state of affairs with regard to issues of employment, education, political and civic participation, and gender differences. The paper also uses parts of the narrative interviews and life stories conducted as part of the SAHWA Project in 2014-2015…

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