Egypt and Turkey following the Failed Coup: The Interrupted Thaw

Source: The Institute For National Security Studies
Author(s): Ofir Winter, Gallia Lindenstrauss

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A resolution to the crisis in Egypt-Turkey relations, which recently seemed a viable possibility, is no longer visible on the horizon, at least for the near future. The coarse atmosphere that developed between the countries following the mutual slandering is an additional obstacle on the road toward restored relations, and strengthens each side’s stubborn adherence to its previous stance. Even though in the short term Erdogan will presumably prefer to stabilize his regime at home rather than address the relations with Egypt, in the medium and long term renewed attempts at rapprochement can be expected between the sides. Primary stumbling blocks to reconciliation from Egypt’s perspective are Turkey’s unwillingness to recognize the legitimacy of the el-Sisi regime and the lack of a Turkish response to Egypt’s demand to restrict the political and media activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey…

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