Egyptian Foreign Minister Visit to Netanyahu was Never About the Palestinians

Source: Doha Institute- Arab Centre For Research And Policy Studies
Author(s): Unknown

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A July 10 visit by Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry to Occupied Jerusalem, where he met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has left many questions without a satisfactory answer. While the stated aim of the trip was, according to an Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman, to boost Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts, this alone cannot explain the timing of Shoukry’s meeting, coming on the same day in which Netanyahu announced that his government would expand settlement activity near the West Bank city of Hebron. In fact, Netanyahu’s outright and adamant dismissal of the Arab Peace Initiative is further proof of the fact that the Israeli premier never even took this ostensible reason for the visit seriously[1]. One thing the visit does highlight, however, is Israel’s ongoing preference for Egyptian proposals for peace, which lack any concrete, tangible ideas and refuse to deal with questions of international legitimacy, over those formulated by France….

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