Tiran & Sanafir: the Legal Status & the Egyptian Rights

Source: Egyptian Institute For Studies
Author(s): Moahmmad Mahsoob

Original Link: http://en.eipss-eg.org/tiran-sanafir-the-legal-status-the-egyptian-rights/


Tiran & Sanafir: the Legal Status & the Egyptian Rights

The study is divided into major topics: as follows: Firstly: Tiran, Sanafir and the Israeli ambitions. Secondly: Refuting the three myths: 1840 convention, 1906 agreement, and the Egyptian- British agreement in 1951. In addition, the study discusses Egypt’s ownership of both islands, and the legal traffic regulations in Tiran Strait; and the status of both islands in 1979 Peace Treaty. Thirdly: Egypt’s permanent ownership of both islands: this part discusses modern Egyptian state and its borders since 1840; Turkish and British endeavors to diminish Egyptian sovereignty over its region, and the absence of any adjustments to the northeastern Egyptian borders since 1950….

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