An Egyptian Take on the “New Middle East”

Source: The Institute For National Security Studies
Author(s): Ofir Winter

Original Link:

The voices of peace that were sounded recently in Egypt, which emerged from the inner circles of the Egyptian regime and beyond, attest to the fact that new winds are blowing in the Land of the Nile regarding true opportunities for changing Israel’s status in the region. Normalization is no longer presented only as bait aimed at encouraging Israel to enter the peace process, but rather reflects Egypt’s genuine interests and those of other Arab countries in creating a “new regional order” that will include broader and more open cooperative efforts with Israel for the sake of security stability and economic welfare in the region. Programs sporting slogans such as the “new Middle East” and “regional cooperation,” which sparked hesitation and suspicion in the Arab world when proposed by Israel in the past, are now presented to Israel as Arab initiatives…

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