Youth unemployment and the ‘Egyptian right wing’

Source: Madamasr
Author(s): Amr Adly

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I watch the TV program “Hona al-Asema” (Here’s the Capital), which airs on the privately owned CBC and is hosted by anchor Lamis al-Hadidy, on a regular basis. Not only because it offers a more professional level of analysis of the government’s economic policies than most other TV programs, but also because Hadidy — compared to other figures in both state-owned and privately owned media outlets in Egypt — is particularly representative of the economic views of the local capitalist class. What she says can be considered more than just the personal opinion of a TV presenter or economic commentator, and we should engage with it as a discourse that is active in shaping public opinion, as well as representative of the economically conservative front, or what could be described as the “Egyptian right wing” (in the economic, social, and political sense)….

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