2011 Revolution in Egypt: Five Years Later

Source: Centre For Security Studies
Author(s): K. P. Fabian

Original Link: https://www.files.ethz.ch/isn/195951/ib_2011-evolution-in-egypt_030216.pdf


Five years later, on 25 January 2016, Tahrir Square witnessed about 300 Egyptians gathered there
to deplore the 2011 Revolution and to thank President Field Marshal Sisi and the Egyptian Police for
installing a repressive police state. There were minor demonstrations in different places, but the
demonstrators ran away when the police came. Two persons were killed. Egypt has moved away
from democracy since 2011 with astonishing rapidity.

Egypt on 25 January 2016 is light years away from what it was on 25 January
2011. Let us trace Egypt’s world line, to borrow a phrase from Einstein’s General
Theory of Relativity whose centenary falls this year, between the two dates and find
out why Egypt moved on that particular world line that took it away from
democracy towards a police state, much worse than the one under Mubarak….

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