Egypt Adrift Five Years After the Uprising

Source: The Century Foundation
Author(s): Michael Wahid Hanna

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As Egypt approaches the fifth anniversary of its 2011uprising, one would be forgiven for assuming that a major challenge to the regime of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was gathering coherence and force, based upon its panicked and paranoid current actions. But such a conclusion would be misplaced. The regime’s overblown fears of a largely neutered opposition raise a pertinent question: What is driving the Egyptian security establishment’s overbroad and suffocating repression? The run-up to January 25 has seen a major crackdown that has included arrests, disappearances, random searches (including random surveillance of social media accounts1), the shuttering of nonpolitical cultural fora such as art galleries, and a heightening of visa monitoring for foreigners. For this upcoming symbolic date, the regime will not be caught unaware and flatfooted—it believes that the mistakes of 2011 will not be repeated any time soon…

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