Untapping Low Female Labor Force Participation In Egypt: Ending The Marriage Mismatch

Source: Economic Research Forum
Author(s): Rana Hendy

Original Link: http://erf.org.eg/publications/untapping-low-female-labor-force-participation-in-egypt-ending-the-marriage-mismatch/


  • Despite significant increases in female educational attainment, Egyptian women’s labor force participation rate remains one of the lowest in the world.
  • This can be partially explained by the fact that while transitioning into marriage is an important phase in a woman’s life, it poses a major obstacle to her economic participation. Accordingly, a marriage mismatch exists, whereby marital conditions and responsibilities do not respond to labor market needs and vice versa.
  • Considering the fact that women largely seek out government jobs, policies that would make private sector jobs better fit the lifestyle of women, especially married women, would go a long way in improving the situation.
  • This can be achieved by creating more part-time jobs and jobs that allow married women to work from home. Moreover, parental leave policies, equal-pay policies and policies that do not impede the growth of the services sector are other solutions…

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