Political Participation and International Cooperation: a Public Policy Analysis of Egypt and its Youth Groups

Source: Barcelona Centre For International Affairs
Author(s): Bahgat Korany

Original Link: https://www.cidob.org/en/publications/publication_series/sahwa_papers/background_paper/political_participation_and_international_cooperation_a_public_policy_analysis_of_egypt_and_its_youth_groups/(language)/eng-US


This paper is divided into four parts and includes four annexes. The first part makes explicit the focus on youth. The second part assesses briefly the public policy literature and presents the framework used in the paper. The third part- the largest- deals with youth groups and youth policy-making in Egypt. The last part four concludes with what is going at the very moment concerning youth policy-making. Since this is really a process very much in the making, it is suggested that interviews should be conducted with principal actors: government, other institutions and youth groups…

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