In Sinai, Egypt Faces Tough Task to Counter Instability

Source: International Peace Institute
Author(s): Andre Colling

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Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula is increasingly being affected by high levels of conflict and instability, which has left hundreds of people dead and thousands more wounded since 2011. The latest of these attacks reportedly occurred earlier today, when four civilians were killed in a roadside bombing near the city of Rafah.

In April this year a car bombing in El-Arish killed seven people, and a combined shooting and bombing in El-Arish and Sheikh Zuwayid killed 17. The Egyptian military also claimed to have killed 29 militants and arrested dozens more in a crackdown on regional strongholds during the month.

The growing insecurity in the region has been fed by the increasing prominence of Islamist extremists, including armed groups linked to the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) and Al-Qaeda. Attempting to address these issues involves understanding the Sinai’s complex interplay of history, geography, and demography….

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