The Rise of Solar Energy in Egypt

Source: Middle East Institute
Author(s): Louise Sarant

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At the Bahariya Oasis 235 miles southwest of Cairo, the mountains of the Western Desert are interrupted by vast circular patterns of greenery. On one of these large farms, in striking contrast to the ancient, wind-shaped sandstone in the background, solar panels stand in neat rows. Here at the center of the largest hyper-arid region on earth, KarmSolar, a three-year-old Egyptian solar energy start-up company, has built its headquarters.

KarmSolar designs and installs innovative solar systems, mostly solar-powered pumps that enable off-grid farms to tap fresh water resources from the vast Nubian sandstone aquifer beneath the ground. These systems have lowered farmers’ reliance on diesel generators, partly shielding them from the repercussions of Egypt’s ongoing energy crisis….

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