Sisi’s Military Maintains Power in a Fragmented Egypt

Source: International Peace Institute
Author(s): Andre Colling

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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has a clear political philosophy. He wants to strengthen the state and eliminate its opponents. For many Egyptians, this openly nationalistic rhetoric is welcome. Political contestation and associated civil unrest, the threat of terrorism, and a severe economic downturn have severely affected the Egyptian polity in recent years and increased the public’s demand for leadership capable of meeting the country’s multifaceted challenges. This basic dynamic of modern day Egypt is portrayed regularly through state-run, and some foreign, media outlets. Yet if one delves deeper, there is clearly more at play.

Egypt’s modern history has been dominated by one group: the military. This powerful institution came to prominence following the overthrow of the King Farouk regime by the nationalist Free Officers in 1952….

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