Power, the January 25 revolutionaries, and responsibility

Source: Madamasr
Author(s): H. A. Hellyer

Original Link: https://www.madamasr.com/en/2015/01/24/opinion/u/power-the-january-25-revolutionaries-and-responsibility/

Tahrir. 2011. January 25. Egypt. Revolution.

Four years ago, a fledgling movement of revolutionary activists accomplished in a few days more than the Egyptian opposition had in years. Yet, for those revolutionaries, the “revolution” had just begun, with their political consciousness forged in those 18 days of uprising. Today, that larger-than-life story is but an echo of the roar it once was – and the revolutionaries in a post-traumatic stage.

With good reason, various Egyptian political forces have been critiqued over the last four years. Edward Said correctly notes that speaking truth to and criticising power is a duty in the public sphere – regardless of who holds that power. The revolutionaries, nonetheless, have seldom been subjected to that type of scrutiny. If they ever held power in the formal sense, it was far less than other forces, warranting less attention….

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